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Natil Bio

Natil is the first and eldest of the elves. She has existed since the beginning of creation and is roughly four and a half billion years old. She is also the last of the original elves, existing when all the others had faded. She began to have visions of the elven blood waking up in humans in the future and stepped through time from around 1500 in Europe 1990's Denver to help guide the newly awakened elves. Together she and the new elves created a place deep in the mountains called Elvenhome.

She is gentle, loving, well aware of her own failings, and believes completely that elves were created to help and to heal - particularly to help her human cousins. She plays the wire stringed harp and can use it to heal. She would definitely be considered a master harpist. She may be slow to tell others that she is elven.

Stolen from the wikipedia entry on the Strands series as it is far more complete and well-written than I'd be able to pull together at this moment.

[Elves] are immortal in the sense that they don't die of old age or disease, though they can be killed or die from grief. The purpose of the Elves is to provide "aid and comfort" to all living things, but especially their beloved human cousins. Against this urge to help, they find themselves feared, hated, and persecuted by humans because of their immortality and extra-human, nearly godlike, powers of prescience, manipulation of the future, healing, and control over physical items. They are very difficult to kill, often continuing on after receiving wounds that would kill a normal human. Humans seeing them for the first time often assume they are trained in the martial arts, due to their extreme coordination and sense of being at ease with their bodies. Temperature extremes do not affect them, and they do not sweat when hot They view all activities they engage in as smaller parts of the greater pattern of things, and because of this and their long life span, they attain a level of excellence that no human can match in whatever skills they pursue.

As a consequence of their perception of the patterns of reality, they can discern things about the physical realm that are hidden from humans. Their senses are supernaturally keen, with extraordinarily sharp hearing and sight that is not affected by darkness. Elves and those with elven blood can often see a silvery sheen surrounding other elves and those with elvish blood, especially when their powers are active. When walking, they usually make no sound at all, even when they are in a hurry or their feet are encumbered.

They can discern the patterns of cause and effect in a very real and palpable manner, and they can selectively re-weave the patterns to suit their desires, though it greatly drains them if the manipulation is in-depth or far-sweeping; they are also aware of the principle of unintended consequences, where a little meddling in the present can yield large and potentially disastrous results later.

In practice, the Elves can change reality in nearly any way, the extent and means being limited only by their conscience, force of will, and energy given to the task. Some examples are: healing anything short of death; changing humans into animals, other humans, or Elves; seeing into the many possible futures or the distant past; changing massive items like castles into solid rock; seeing in the dark; mastering an instrument or weapon beyond any human's abilities; speaking with animals and plants; and changing aspects of a human's personality like fearlessness, happiness, intelligence, musical aptitude, aggression, etc.

Natil is tall and slender. She has long dark hair shot through with much silver and generally pulled back in a single braid tied with an eagle feather. Her ears are gently pointed, though she usually keeps them covered by her hair.
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