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Bios for Annie Grey and Isabel Elena Cortez

Anna Grey, Alpha Werejaguar
Player Name: Mai
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Character Name: Anna Elisabeth Grey - goes strictly by Annie Grey
Character Type: werejaguar - alpha

Annie has the standard were abilities. She is generally able to resist the jaguar's attempt to overwhelm her human side and is also able to pass for human if she really works at it. She has some ability to heal through sexual energy, though she is not fully aware of this ability yet. She is very proficient in survival skills, hiking, mountain and rock climbing. She is a personal trainer and is a certified Pilates instructor.

Age: 28
Kinsey Rating: 1 - strictly heterosexual

Physical Appearance:
In human form, Annie stands about 5'9" tall with almost shoulder length black hair, a fairly light skin tone, and piercing blue eyes. She's thin, weighing about 120 pounds, but well-toned and obviously far stronger than she looks. She has an edge to her, almost dangerous seeming at times.

In her jaguar form she is black, though her spots can be seen on close examination. She stands about 45 inches tall at the shoulders, is about 6 and a half feet long, (not including her tail) and weighs about 300 pounds - the size of a small pony. Her eyes are a catlike yellowish green color.

PB: Chandra North

Annie can come across as gruff and tough, but she definitely has a lot of vulnerability underneath. You might never see it because she hides it so well, but it's there. She has a dry sarcastic sense of humor and can be abrasive at times. She's had to stand on her own and pretend she's fine for so long that she's really good at convincing people that she is. She does have a soft spot for animals and kids - particularly if she feels they're being abused. She has less for adults in bad situations, partly because she doesn't have the patience to deal with people that she feels don't stand up for themselves and partly because she feels like no one was really there for her and she's managing, so why can't they?

She can have a bit of a temper, which gets shorter as it gets closer to the full moon or if she's not eating as much protein as she ought to. And when she gets angry? She reads as pretty dangerous.

She often feels more comfortable in her jaguar form, but feels a little guilty about that because she was told for so long that what happened to her was a horrible tragedy. It took her a long time to tell her family that, as terrible as it was to be attacked and turned when she was so young, she's actually glad that it happened. They were very displeased with that revelation, to put it mildly. Which might be part of the reason that she's moved all the way across the country from them. That, and she's hoping she doesn't have to hide what she is quite so much out here.

Annie's parents were missionaries in a small South American country when she was born. When she was seven years old a crazed female werejaguar kidnapped her, intending to turn her. She was rescued and the female killed, but not soon enough to prevent her from being infected. She spent the next year with a sault of werejaguars in the area, but as soon as she seemed stable enough, her parents moved the family back to the Boston area. With the help of the original sault, they managed to quietly find a couple of werejaguars in that general area to help support Annie. Generally, though, they worked hard on having her hide and deny what she was - whether she liked it or not. And as she grew older, it became more and more clear to her that she didn't.

Her older brother, Andrew, is probably the most supportive of her, but he isn't comfortable standing up to their parents. Still, he's always been someone she can talk to about her concerns and her true feelings and know she'll be accepted.

She has an uneasy relationship with religion. Her parents continued to work within their church after their return from South America, but as Annie grew older she had a hard time reconciling what had happened and her parents desire to try to pretend it had never occurred as much as possible with her belief in God. Did God not care enough to protect her when she was little or had there been some sort of reason behind it as her parents claimed? And if there was a reason, then why did her parents try so hard to ignore it and act as if being a werejaguar was bad and should be hidden? And what did that say about God? She does retain a belief in God, but there's a bit of a love hate relationship there and she does not actively practice any religion at this time.

She got a degree in physiology and kinesiology and worked as a personal trainer and Pilates instructor. It gave her a good excuse for some of her abnormal strength and also let her use activities like hiking and mountain climbing as cover for times when she had to get away, either to change during the full moon (what a perfect time for night hikes!) or when she just needed time and space to be able to shift and run and hunt far away from everyone else.

She recently faced down her family, telling them that she wasn't willing to keep denying what she was, and the ensuing fall-out from that had her applying and being hired for a job at a fairly exclusive health club in San Francisco. She then packed up her things and drove cross country. She's staying at a motel until she can find an apartment of her own and will also be looking to see if she can find other werejaguars in the area. She's heard a place called the DMZ might be a good place to start. She's not 'out' as a werejaguar to the general public, but she will be to other supes.

RP Sample:
Annie slammed out of the house and ran down the steps to her car. All she wanted to do was get away before she lost her temper and hurt someone or something. She could feel the jaguar wanting to come out and knew that the color of her eyes had probably already started to change. Which was the last thing she needed her parents to see after working so hard to prove that she always had her animal under control. She slid into the driver's seat and started the car, but had to put her head down on the steering wheel for a moment to gather herself.

She wasn't startled when Andrew knocked on the window, she'd smelled him coming, and besides he was always the one to come and see if she was okay. God, she was going to miss him.

"Annie? Seriously? You're really going?"

She sighed and forced the jaguar back down before picking her head up to give him a rueful smile. "I have to, Andrew. They're never going to let me be who and what I am. I keep hoping and trying, but come on, it's been 21 years, it's not going to go away. It's not like I want to take out a newspaper ad telling the world, but I want... I want to be accepted. I want to be with others like me. I'm too damn dominant to just keep putting my head down and agreeing with Mom and Dad, but I love them too much to go against their wishes and embarrass them here."

"But San Francisco? I'll never see you."

"You could come with me," she offered, knowing he'd never come, but hoping anyway.

But he was already shaking his head. "My job's here, my friends are all here, and... I can't leave Mom and Dad. Especially not if you're gone too."

It was no more than she'd expected, but it still hurt. "I have to go, Andrew. And San Francisco... it's more open there. I mean, the Ulfric and Lupa of the pack there are even out as werewolves. Maybe I'll even find some werejaguars." Annie stared down at the steering wheel for a moment. "It's hard being alone," she said very softly.Tire

Andrew's eyes were sad when she raised her head again. "I just want you to be happy, Annie, but I hate that you'll be so far away."

"I know." She leaned out the window enough to kiss him on the cheek. "I'll miss you too, but we can still talk on the phone and email and you can come out and visit once I get settled. I'm not disappearing off the face of the earth."

He nodded and managed a smile and after a few more assurances, Annie finally managed to drive away, heading out to one of her favorite places up in the Berkshire Hills where she could safely shift and run. She needed that.

It hurt when she shifted, not as much as it seemed to hurt most shifters - maybe because she'd been so young when she'd been infected - but it was worth it. She panted, shaking off the last of the change, and stretched, relishing the feel of the jaguar's power.

Then she was running for the sheer joy of it. And if a part of her thought that maybe she could run fast enough and far enough to wash away the pain of that last familial encounter, well, what of it? At least for a time she was free. And when she shifted back and went to her apartment, it would only be to pack the rest of her things and begin the trek to San Francisco.


Player Name: Mai
Player LJ: [personal profile] maisfeeka
Player Email:
AIM/YIM/etc.: Maisfeeka on AIM

Character Name: Isabel Elena Cortez (Her name is pronounced EE-za-bel)
Character Type: Psychic - Strong Empath

Psychic: Isabel is strongly empathic and, if not shielding, can find it incredibly hard to deal with strong emotions. Crowds are not her friend. With a good deal of focus she can also project emotions - particularly a deep sense of calm - which helps greatly in her work. The projection can also sometimes happen if she's very emotionally aroused in either a positive or negative way. This is limited to a person or small group of people in a small area. On occasion she can pick up a single particularly loud or strong thought from someone, although that's rare. She is able to pick up residual emotions from places - particularly if it is a place of great tragedy or happiness. She can detect emotions from preternatural beings to varying degrees, depending on how well they shield, but each type has a different 'feel' or 'taste' to them.

Other: Isabel knows a great deal about plants, animals, herbalism, Lakota spirituality, the myths and legends of many cultures, and preternatural beings. She's very well trained in wilderness survival, can use a knife and a gun with good accuracy, and knows how to hunt, skin and cook a variety of game. She speaks both English and Lakota fluently. She's in very good shape and runs and swims regularly. She has a way with animals. They're attracted to her and she is often able to calm them when they are frightened or angry.

Age: 28
Kinsey Rating: 0 - strictly heterosexual

Physical Appearance: Rain is about 5'3", 115 pounds, with a very slender build and can easily be mistaken for someone younger than her age, especially if she's hanging around in jeans and a t-shirt. She has long black hair, dark eyes, high cheekbones and somewhat exotic features. She is half Lakota and half Guatamalan, with their resulting darker skin tone.

PB: Q'Orianka Kilcher

Personality: Isabel is generally pretty easygoing, but she can be very determined and stubborn about things she feels are important. She's friendly and open - at least on a surface level - but very few people know the private Isabel. She has a sense of calm about her that makes others comfortable to be around her. She laughs easily and enjoys joking around with her colleagues and friends.

She has a temper which flares up on occasion, but she tries very hard to stay on an even keel, because she knows that helps not only with her ability to shield, but also keeps her from pushing her emotions onto anyone else. However at times emotions can overwhelm her, leaving her depressed and reclusive. Being in nature helps with this, but on infrequent occasions she might let herself be picked up and indulge in a one night stand. She's very careful about not drinking or drugging, traps that many strong empaths fall into, because she knows how easily and quickly Native Americans can become addicted.

At times she still has nightmares about her father's death, waking herself up screaming. It mostly happens if she lets herself get over-tired or stressed and the nightmares often continue until she's taken some space and managed to get herself re-centered.

She has a deep spiritual connection with nature and practices the spirituality of the Lakota as she was raised. Despite the trauma she's experienced and helped to deal with, she still often seems to have a sort of brightness and innocence about her, even though her work and experiences can absolutely leave her exhausted and depressed at times. It is easy for her to find the beauty in things and she often seems able to find and inspire the best in people.

Some of her friends call her Ishta (EEsh-ta), which is her teacher, Sam Whitecrow's, nickname for her. He started calling her that as a play on words between the beginning of her name (EE-za) and the Lakota word for girl or female. Most of her friends don't know why it's her nickname.

Isabel was born of a Lakota mother and Guatamalan father. Her parents met while attending college in Boston, Mass. She was born there and spent the first four years of her life in a little house not far from the ocean. Her father was killed when he interrupted a robbery shortly after Isabel's fourth birthday and Isabel and her mother discovered his body when they came home from the beach that day. Isabel had always shown an unusual and strong gift of empathy and the residual emotions left in the house were overwhelming, opening all of her empathic abilities wide open, leaving her terrified and frightened of being in the house, and unable to cope with the emotions coming at her from every person she met.

Her mother moved them back to the Pine Ridge reservation to live with Isabel's maternal grandmother, when it became clear that Isabel needed more help in learning to control than her mother could give her. Isabel spent a great deal of time with the elders and the medicine men and women, learning all the old stories and their spiritual ways. She was fascinated by the stories and began studying all the myths and stories of different cultures that she could get her hands on. This, of course, led to a fascination in learning all she could about preternatural beings.

With the help of Sam Whitecrow, the medicine man who had been her closest teacher and mentor since she arrived on the rez, she learned to use nature to help center herself, learned how to shield herself from other's emotions, and also how to use her gift to determine other's truthfulness and to help them heal. With a good deal of focus she can also project emotions - particularly a deep sense of calm - which helps greatly in her work.

When she was old enough she went on a vision quest and was given a sacred name which almost no one, outside the elders and her family, knows. The details of her visions on the quest she hasn't spoken of to anyone besides Sam Whitecrow.

With his help and guidance, she chose to study psychology and focused on working with abused and traumatized children and adults - specializing in PTSD. This has led her to work with the police on occasion, serving almost as a human lie detector and helping to get statements from victims. She chose to stay out in the San Francisco area where she went to school as the area 'spoke' to her. She says the beauty of the land and ocean 'heals' her and renews her, which is necessary as an empath always dealing with trauma. To keep herself centered she also makes frequent trips back to Pine Ridge and occasionally Sam or her mother come out to visit.

It's not uncommon for her to deal with people who have had run-ins with various preternatural beings or with the beings themselves on occasion. Her empathic abilities as well as her grounding in myths and legends from all cultures has stood her in good stead in her work with them and made it easier for her to understand how things work and how to interact with them wisely.

She has her own small practice in the city and is a consultant with the police department. She lives in a small house tucked away in a quiet neighborhood across from the Golden Gate Park and not far from the ocean with a fenced in backyard that she's allowed to grow a little wild. Her two cats, Chikala (little one) and Umi (whirlwind), share her home with her.

RP Sample:
It had been a terrible day and by noon all Isabel had wanted was to get home, make a cup of her special herbal tea and curl up on her couch with a trashy romance and her two cats. But first she'd had to deal with a first time visit of a 7 year old whose parents had been killed in the car crash he survived, an emergency call from one of her contacts at the police department, a subsequent trip to the station to sit in on the interrogation of a man suspected in the abduction and murder of two children, a hurried trip to the bathroom for a quiet breakdown and a few minutes to repair her make-up and facade of calm after said interrogation, and almost half an hour sitting in traffic due to some sort of accident or road repair or she didn't even *care* what. And after the day she'd had, the frustration of the other people around her had been so overwhelming, she'd developed a blinding headache as she'd attempted to keep up her shield.

By the time she got home she knew she needed to do something a little more intensive if she didn't want another return of the nightmares. Chikala and Umi hadn't been very happy when she'd stopped in only long enough to toss her things on the kitchen table and change into her running clothes, but she'd taken a moment to give them a pet and a promise of more on her return. Then she was out the door and heading toward the beach.

She'd picked the beach instead of a run through the nearby Golden Gate Park because she felt the need to see the ocean. Water always grounded her better than any of the other elements and today grounding was essential. The steady rhythm of her feet on the pavement started the process, helping her focus on her body and breathing. By the time she'd gone the mile to the beach her headache was starting to clear. She didn't hesitate, running straight into the water up to her ankles and continuing up along the beach. The words of a Lakota chant echoed in her head as she concentrated on letting the tension and worries be washed away by the cold water splashing around her.

It didn't take long to reach her favorite spot, a slightly secluded section of the beach and she bent over, resting on her knees to catch her breath for a moment. Then she straightened and pulled a pinch of tobacco and one of cornmeal from the baggies in her fanny pack. She blessed them, said a quick prayer to the ancestors and the directions, thanking them and asking for their help, before feeding the tobacco and cornmeal to the waves. She crouched down, splashing water over her face, and then resting her hands in the water, not caring about the splashing of the waves. She could feel her calm returning, feel the stress being pulled out of her by the water, felt her senses open up again as she relaxed. She thanked the ocean spirit for its kindness, then stood up and made her way to her favorite thinking rock to soak in the last of the fading light and watch the sun begin to set over the water.

Now she could go home and relax with a good conscience. And maybe a pint of Ben and Jerry's Fossil Fuel ice cream.
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